Adherence to a robust non-discrimination policy. Support to ensure the area surrounding the mine site is family friendly with some mine sites constructing schools, low-cost housing and health care centers for employees and their families.

Creating a better tomorrow takes a blend of experiences. Whether you’re a recent college graduate or re-entering the workforce, the time is always right for us to build a better team.

Inclusive hiring is the foundation of what we believe and what we do. We understand that our differences, and being unique, help make us stronger and more innovative. Our differences reflect the customers we serve and the customers who help drive our business.

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Our success is dependent on our workforce. Specialised skills training, paying a fair wage and employment of Tanzanian nationals are just some of the measures we are committed to so as to ensure the wellbeing of our employees. Our practices are in full compliance with International Labour Organisation standards (ILO) standards and our health and safety policies go above and beyond the standards set by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority Act. A number of mine sites also provide a range of facilities for their employees and their families such as schools, interest-free loans for low-cost housing and medical insurance.

Our efforts to promote education and best practice employment include:

  • Paying our employees fairly.
  • Offering specialised skills training to further strengthen the future employment prospects of our staff.
  • Establishing robust health and safety policies that go above and beyond the standards set by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority Act.
  • Ensuring that the average percentage of Tanzanian employees among TCM members is high, currently it stands at over 95%, and that our members give priority to local applicant where comparable candidates are available.
  • Support of employee’s rights to trade union membership Member support for CSI programs to diversify economy and foster alternative livelihoods outside of mining.

Our Values

Inclusive Culture
Unconscious bias is all around us and at Tanzania chamber of mines we not only offer training programmes and toolkits to bring the unconscious into the conscious, but actively measure how inclusive our culture is. We empower our colleagues to challenge for change.
Our ambition is to become best employer for women by 2025 and we will be relentless in our effort to achieve this..
At Tanzania chambers of mines, we comply with human rights laws and statutes including Fair Pay for our people. Our approach, across our businesses, is guided by 6 principles.
  • The pay of our people is reflective of their skills, role and function and also the market data.
  • We annually review the pay of each employee and actively manage any who fall below the market competitive range
  • All our people should have the opportunity to share in our success by being eligible to receive some form of performance related pay, e.g. a bonus, shares or sales incentive.

The key to success is applying your talents in different situations and changing your work environment to broaden your perspective.