Mining for National Development


Pamoja Issue 04

Pamoja Issue 04 Tanzania: Mining policies for immediate review, Speaking at the 16th meeting of the Regional Intergovernmental Committee of Experts (ICE), the Minister for Finance and Economic Development said that lack of expertise was undermining Tanzania’s capacity to fully harness the potential of the mining sector.

Pamoja Issue 03

Pamoja Issue 03 As Tanzania mainland celebrates her 50th anniversary of independence, the mining industry can reflect with pride on its achievements. In the last two decades, our members have made significant contributions to the country’s economic development, in the form of various taxes and other statutory fiscal payments to the central government and other …

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Pamoja Issue 02

Pamoja Issue 02 Government plans to continue restructuring the mining sector The Minister for Minerals and Energy announced in October that the Government intends to raise royalty payments by the end of the year. The move follows similar steps in other producer countries, which have sought to increase fiscal revenues from the mining industry and …

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