About TCM

The Tanzania Chamber of Mines was established in November 1994 and represents the private participants in the Tanzanian mineral sector. The Chamber is a voluntary private sector organization governed by the Societies Ordinance of 1954 and as a society, its activities are coordinated by the Registrar of Societies under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The membership, now close to 50, includes a broad spectrum of relevant players in the mining industry drawn from the largest international mining companies in the world, medium-scale miners, junior explorers, and service providers to the former, as well as individuals with interest in the sector, all who have identified Tanzania as a worthwhile mining investment destination. These companies and individuals carry out a range of activities within the mining sector from exploration to production. Part of these companies provide services to others.

The Chamber is the voice of the industry, and it plays a pivotal role within the sector to provide a recognized liaison point between the mining industry investment community and the Government, and between the mining industry and the public. This pivotal role has evolved to become one of a partnership with the Government in addressing country-specific challenges such as job creation, poverty alleviation, and attracting investment.

We focus on;

  • Keeping the government and other relevant bodies informed on crucial mining industry issues on behalf of its members.

  • Disseminating information on mining industry developments using newsletters and other publications.

  • Organizing and conducting workshops and events aimed at creating awareness of the potential of the mining sector.

  • Acting as a mediator and arbitrator when called upon in conflict resolution between members.

  • Commissioning industry research.

Our Mission

To represent and advance our members' interests through evidence-based stakeholder engagement, foster networking, and collaboration, generate and consolidate information on standards for safe and ethical mining, and create public awareness on the mining industry.

Our Vision

To be a leading, innovative, effective, and unified voice in responsible mining practices, for the mining Industry.

Our Values

Integrity, Transparency, Sustainability, Inclusion, and Innovation

Skills Development

To date, the Chamber in collaboration with its members has sponsored more than 800 apprentices under the Integrated Mining Technical Training (IMTT) Program which was established in 2008 with the overarching aim of building and strengthening human capital in the industrial sector in Tanzania. Integrated Mining Technical Training (IMTT) program is a highly specialized training program keen to produce highly skilled artisans to work in the industrial sector conducted in partnership with the members of the Chamber. It is run jointly with the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) through a Memorandum of Association signed between the two parties in January 2009. The training program takes place at the VETA- Moshi campus. Different mine sites provide the avenue for industrial and field training of the apprentices.
In the end, the program produces skilled craftspersons able to work in any industry within and outside the country. Training is provided in 5 main trades:

  • Electrical
  • Platter Welding
  • Auto Electrical
  • Heavy Duty Moving Machines
  • Equipment Fitting and Hydraulics

The training center in Moshi is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and is managed by highly skilled trainers from within VETA and other outsourced ones working on a part-time basis. IMTT Documentary: Click Here to Access